Dear customers,

This place offers you KIT models and spare parts of different RC models. The list of items currently is being revised and new items will be added in the nearest future.

We believe the world of RC fans and gyro lovers is small, so this place was created to provide customers the chance to get in touch with the designer and producer. We would like to create direct and long-lasting relations, so we encourage the customers to contact us directly as well as share your experience with others.

The page "RC Models" shows our current offers and prices. You will notice this price is lower than found on selling platforms (like eBay), so let us explain the reason. As we mentioned - in tiny RC model market customers and sellers know each other. In the relations of bilateral trust there is no need of paying extra money to intermediates. Still, you are welcome to use intermediates if you prefer.

The shipping price depends on the item and the shipping destination. We will be glad to proceed with calculations according to your request.

All items offered are designed and made in Latvia. To ensure smooth development and production, both stages were separated – while development remains the field of Konstantin, other fields now are managed by Anastasija Cernaka. The name of AstikModels covers all these models.